10 Tips: How To Create Quality Content For A Website!

Want to know how to create quality content for a website and make more money? You are not alone! Writing good quality, engaging content is a tricky business. And everyone makes mistakes, including experienced web writers. Fortunately, there’s an answer!!

If you want the rewards that accompany a successful website or blog, you need to create original content that will grab and hold an audience’s attention.

In this post I will discuss the best 10 tips that will help you create quality content for your websites, blogs, or posts. These tips will not only engage your audience but keep them coming back for more. Topics covered include:

  • Use catchy professional headlines
  • Hook your audience
  • Web content is scanned
  • Visitors make quick decisions
  • Important info goes first
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short
  • Build trust
  • Make it interesting
  • People like engagement

How To Create Quality Content For A Website

1. Use catchy professional headlines

There are literally trillions of websites and blogs on the internet. So how will you get noticed? Your headline is your ad for your post! It is what will stop people in their tracks so that they will want to read your post.

You have only one chance to grab their attention! Make it count by writing a catchy professional headline that contains power words. Power words evoke a feeling, or provide the reader with a benefit. They catch your reader’s attention and arouse a response, which in turn will entice them to read your post.

There are hundreds of power words that you can use. Words that will evoke a response appeals to peoples’ sense of:

  • Emotions:- love, happiness, fear, lust, scam
  • Curiosity:- seek, discover, find
  • Greed:- free, discount, cheap, savings
  • Exclusivity:- better, best, fortune, lavish, prestige, limited
  • Urgency:- get it now, buy now, urgent, last days
  • Simplicity:- user-friendly, easy, tips and tricks
  • Improvement:- master, convert, knowledge, learn, how to

Improve your content! Download 750 free power words simply by filling your details in the “Get More Conversions With The Power of 750 POWER WORDS” on the right hand side of this post.

Use these power words and combine them with the keywords that your target persona might use when searching for products or services in your niche. To stand out from the crowd make your headlines clear, specific and bold!

For example:

  • “Master social media presence, no matter your niche topic!”
  • “Discover bottlenecks in your business that prevent expansion!”
  • “Convert your customers into raving fans!”

2. Hook your audience

Once you have captured the attention of your audience with your headline, you need to keep them on your site. Make your post interesting by using a HOOK. A good hook will grab your readers’ attention! Good attention-grabbing hooks can be in the form of a:

  • question
  • surprise or unexpected comment
  • controversial statement
  • quotation
  • benefit

Hooks should be relevant to your niche. They should be in the first 2 sentences of your blog or post. The quality of your hook will determine whether your reader continues reading your content.

If using a question as your hook, pose questions that your readers would be curious about. Questions that start with “How to…”, or “What is…” are popular. These questions get right into the heart of the topic. They make your readers curious as to what your answer will be.

A hook in the form of a surprise or unexpected comment, will make people stop and take notice. For example, if your niche is about the dieting industry, you could surprise your readers by stating that “Fruit juice contains just as sugar as soft drinks.”

Controversial statements will always stop people in their tracks. For example, if your niche is relationships; a statement such as “Women cheat on their partners more often than men.” is sure to catch your readers’ attention and keep them reading.

Use quotes

Another way to create quality content for a website is to use quotations. Quotations are a good way to begin, especially when you don’t know how to start your blog. For example, if you were writing a fitness blog you could start with a relevant motivational quote.

Use a quote such as Tommy Lasorda’s “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.

Relevant quotes will give you a great starting point to launch into your blog. If you use a quote, always acknowledge the source; otherwise you can be seen to be plagiarizing.

Another way to grab your visitors’ attention is to start your post with a benefit. Readers are scouring the internet for products and services that will benefit them and fulfill a need, a what, a desire or to solve a problem.

Tell your audience upfront that you can solve their pressing problems. They will then stick around to find out more. An example of a benefit for a photography niche could be “Create your own professional looking photos in minutes”.

3. Web content is scanned

People are busy! They are busy with everything from their jobs, family, hobbies, and social media just to name a few. When they need something, they don’t want to spend hours trying to track it down.

Web content is scanned, not read! So, how do you write content that will capture your readers attention and keep it? When someone comes to your website or blog, they want to know 2 things.

  • I. Do you have what they are searching for?
  • II. Can they quickly and easily find what they are after?

Give them the answers

Your website visitor doesn’t want to spend precious time trying to figure out if you have the solutions to their problems. They want it NOW! So, they will quickly scan your web content to see if it contains what they want.

If your visitors can’t determine within the first few sentences whether your site has the answers that they are after, they will go elsewhere. Remember there are hundreds, or even thousands of posts on the web that promote products just like yours.

Good quality content should address your customers problems and show them how your product can solve their concerns. As an added bonus, quality content is easier to write when you know exactly what you are selling, and what issues are of concern to your customers. If you give your customer what they want as quickly as possible, they will hang around to find out more.

4. Visitors make quick decisions

What do you do when you are searching for something on the internet? I bet that you type in your search in your browser. When the results appear, you quickly scan the contents of interesting websites. At the same time, you are looking for the solution to your problem.

If a website doesn’t provide you with the things that you are looking for within the first 20 seconds, you bounce out and find another site. Well guess what, that is exactly what your visitors are doing!

In order to know how to create quality content for a website, you first need to know exactly what your visitors are after. You need to be familiar with their needs, wants and any questions or concerns that they may have. Your content should be helpful and show them ways of solving their problems.

Tricks to keep visitors interested

As you write your content, keep in mind that your audience also wants a good user experience. Below are 10 tricks on how to create quality content for a website. Use these tips to make your website a pleasant site to visit. These tricks will ensure that you attract and then keep the right visitors on your website.

  • i. Make sure your headline communicates what your topic is about.
  • ii. Your web page should be self-explanatory, and topics covered should be relevant.
  • iii. Content should be easy to read and flow naturally.
  • iv. Check content for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • v. Use images, graphs, photos, and videos to maintain your visitors’ interest.
  • vi. Use sub-headings to break up text into sections.
  • vii. Use bullet points to summarize points and make your post easy to scan.
  • viii. Incorporate easy to read fonts and simple formats.
  • ix. Don’t confuse your visitor with too many colors or options.
  • x. Ensure your site loads quickly and is compatible with all devises such as tablets and mobile phones.

These elements combined with your content have an impact on your visitor. They make your post easy to scan, interesting to look at and will help your visitor enjoy their experience on your site. Your visitor will then be more likely to stay and read your content.

To learn how to make a video watch the video below.

5. Important info goes first

There are many other websites that target the same niche as you do! As explained previously, you have about 20 seconds to make an impression on your visitors. Create quality content for your website by putting your most important information first! That’s what newspaper journalists do.

For example, if you have a website that sells dog grooming products. On arrival, your visitors will want to be assured that you sell these products. Don’t frustrate or waste people’s time by making them search through your content. Instead, offer it up in the first paragraph.

They will then want to be able to use a search tool to quickly find the products and the price of the goods that they want. Your visitors will also want some information on how these products will solve their problem. Finally, they will want to be able to quickly, easily and securely purchase the products.

6. Use relevant keywords

The best way for your audience to find your website or post, is to talk in their language. Create quality content for a websites by using the exact keywords in your headline that your audience uses when searching for the kinds of products that you are selling.

For example, if you are selling pet grooming tools then you wouldn’t use a headline such as “Pet grooming tools for owners” because according to Jaxxy there are less than 10 searches per month for that keyword combination. A better keyword combination would be “Pet grooming tools” as this has 245 searches per month.

Sticking with the keywords that your visitors use will ensure that you get found by as many people as possible. Using a keyword search tool such as Jaaxy will also help you create more traffic-driving content. For more information on keywords see “How To Find The Best Keywords For A Website”

Whenever you use relevant keywords, your visitors will know that they have come to the right site. Writing good quality, helpful content, not only convinces your visitors that you are an authority on this topic, but helps search engines find your content as well.

Try Jaaxy out for yourself for free. Just enter in your own keywords in the box below.

7. Write good paragraphs

As technology advances, people expect to get whatever they are searching for in an instant! They don’t want to waste time working out what you have to offer them. The ways to improve writing skills and create quality content for a website is to write good paragraphs.

Good paragraphs contain short sentences and are easy to read. Each paragraph should only contain 3-4 sentences. There should be 1-2 lines of white space in between each paragraph.

If you think about any physical books that you have read, they consist of black text on a white background. These colors are popular because they are the easiest to read. If using other colors, get someone else to check that the text is easy to read.

Unless you are writing a scientific or technical post, each paragraph should be simple to read for the majority of folks. This can be achieved by writing at a level that a 12-year-old child will understand.

This is because not everyone who is searching the internet, has English as their first language. So, don’t challenge your visitors with unfamiliar technical words or jargon.

8. Build trust

Write good paragraphs that build trust

Write good paragraphs that build trust

When someone arrives to your site they may have come from anywhere. For instance, they may have clicked in from another website or from their social media feed.

Because of this, they could land on any of your web pages. This means that all of your pages/posts need to be easy to scan and simple to negotiate.

Use your posts to build trust and credibility by providing information, generating interest and answering visitors’ questions. If you provide good informative content, then your readers will be happy to share your posts with others.

Share content

Google and other search engines favor content that is shared. Sharing indicates to them that your content is of a high quality and that it provides the answers that people are seeking.

While information is important, always provide links on your page that will instruct your visitor where to go next. For example, have links that direct visitors to your testimonial page. Potential customers are always keen to see that other people are happy with a product before they will make a purchase.

If you sell products or services provide links to your sales page or your “get a quote” page. If people trust your content and are ready to buy, then they will happily click on your link to your sales or products page.

Another way to build trust is to blog often.  Set up a to-do-list which will help you schedule your time so that you can blog often. Whenever you blog regularly you can address the many different problems that your potential customers have. This not only answers questions, but improves your status as an authority in your chosen niche.

Search engine will then reward you by improving your ranking. This in turn will improve the number of traffic to your site. The more traffic you get; the more likely you will make a sale.

9. Make it interesting

In order to stand out from the crowd you need to make your website or blog unique, or different in some way. You could do this by offering valuable information, or offering a benefit such as a discount, or free gift such as an e-book.

Another way to make your content more engaging is by taking a different slant on the topic. You can do this by providing humorous anecdotes, or just by providing a better user experience for your visitor.

Besides having good quality, original content, another way to make your blog interesting, is to make it visual. This will also help your visitors find what they want as quickly as possible.

Incorporate easy to read fonts, different sized fonts, bold text, underlining, UPPERCASE, italics, colored text and highlighted text. These will make any important text stand out.

Also, break up your text with headlines or sub-headlines. These make scanning content easier for the reader. Leave 3-4 lines of white lines before starting a new sub-headline.

Make your web pages interesting is by including;

  • images
  • photos
  • info-graphs
  • graphs
  • videos
  • dot points
  • numbered listing

Avoid making your web page look too busy! Don’t you hate it when you visit a web page that has too much color or has flashing messages. I don’t know about you, but whenever I land on a page such as that, I leave as quickly as possible.

If you don’t like it, others won’t either. So always keep your pages clean by avoiding flashing text, and ads or images that will annoy your audience.

10. People like engagement!

Increase traffic on your website by learning how to create quality content for a website

Increase traffic by engaging with others.

There is a way to increase traffic on your website for free. You do this by involving your audience. People like to be involved! They like commenting, replying or just having their say.

Pose a question, or invite people to leave a comment on your website. You will find that people will be happy to engage with your content. You should then reply and engage with these people as soon as possible.

People who leave comments are interested in what you have to say. If they feel that you can offer them something that will solve their problems or satisfy their needs, they are likely to become customers.

If someone leaves a negative comment you can either; reply to them in a professional manner, or remove the comment from your site.

Don’t be negative

Don’t patronize, become verbally abusive, or attack anyone who leaves a negative comment. Doing that will make you look unprofessional. In addition, it will drive customers away in droves!

Always reply in a memorable or helpful way, and your visitors will become loyal followers. If you have engaging content then they will want to read your new posts and subscribe to your email list.

Google and other search engines take notice of comments. Comments are viewed by search engines as an indication of good quality content. So, the more you engage with your customers, the higher your rankings will become!

Summing Up On How To Create Quality Content For A Website

Use the above 10 tips on how to create quality content for websites to generate more traffic to your website. Get to know your audience so that you can provide them with content that satisfies their needs.

Keep your focus on what your readers want. Get creative and make your posts interesting and easy to negotiate. If you keep your content simple and easy to scan, visitors will be more inclined to read your content.

Encourage visitors to ask questions, leave a comment or to share your post. Follow these tips and you will soon grow and build a phenomenal website!

Do you know how to create quality content for a website, what strategies do you use?

What content challenges have you faced when building your website?

Please feel free share your comments in the comments section below.

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  1. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I JUST started my first website and wanted to know how to get ahead of everyone else. I always new you had to be interesting and engaging but didn’t know it was this important. I’ll be making my site engaging as I possibly can since that is what Google loves these days. Thanks a lot for all your help.

    • Hi Brandon!

      Glad to hear that you are coming along nicely and that this post is of some help to you!
      Keep up the good work and remember there is always something new that you can learn every day!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. Thank you for this very informative post. I needed this guide as I am on the process of developing my website. Definitely helps me.

    • It is so important to use whatever tools we have at our disposal to make our posts standout from the crowd so that our ranking in Google can increase. But one of these best ways is to always write good quality original and engaging content.

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