What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online For Beginners

Do you know what is the best way to make money online for beginners? The answer is to start a money making blog! Blogging has become a popular way for people to communicate, share information and to spread news. But one of the reasons that more and more people blog, is because bloggers can make good money by blogging!


The Best Way To Make Money Online For Beginners


What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online For Beginners

So, how do you make money by blogging? If you love to blog consider using this skill to become an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer you review products that you have an interest in, or that you are passionate about. When someone purchases a product that you have reviewed through your affiliate link , you get paid a commission.

The rest of this post discusses how to set up a money making website and become an affiliate marketer. If you want to know what is the best way to make money online for beginners, then read on.


Choose a Domain Name

Don’t choose the wrong address.

Before you rush off and buy a domain name, stop and think about what you will like to name your website. Reflect on the types of things that you personally enjoy or would relish writing about. This will give you the direction you should head, and help you to choose a domain name.

There are hundreds and thousands of domain names to choose from. Choosing a name for your site should be done with some careful consideration. This is because your domain name is the address that people will use to find you online. Your website and domain name are your address in the form of a URL. Picking the wrong name is similar to picking a house in the wrong suburb. The wrong name can result in a bad investment.

There are six things that you need to consider when choosing a domain name. To make sure that it is easy for people to find your domain, you need to make it:

  • Unique
  • End In .com
  • Distinctive
  • Simple and Memorable
  • Pronounceable
  • Brandable


Make It Unique

You want your domain name to stand out from other domains. You can do this by choosing a unique name. Try not to choose a name that is similar to someone else’s. Don’t put a hyphen in the middle of your domain name, or add numbers to try to distinguish it from other domain names.

For example, you may want to name your website “goodliving.com”.  But you find that someone else has already chosen that name. Don’t choose the domain name “good-living.com”, or “goodliving22.com”. The reason for this is because when people go to type in your domain name, they will probably forget to put in the hyphen or the numbers. They will then end up at someone else’s website. This wouldn’t be a good result for you as the other person will end up with your traffic.


Make Sure It Ends In .com

Google seems to prefer or trust websites that end in “.com” above all other websites. It therefore makes sense to try to have a domain name that ends with a .com extension. If you can’t get the .com extension, go for other well-known extensions such as .net or .org.

If your website is only aimed at people living in your country, then choose an extension that ends in “.au” for Australia or “.uk” for the United Kingdom, etc. However, it’s a good practice to buy the .com extension if it’s available.  This way if you decide to go global sometime in the future, you will already have the .com extension. Buying both domains will protect your domain name and keep it out of other people’s clutches.


Make It Distinctive

Your domain name should be your own. It shouldn’t be easily confused with other similar sounding names or the name of another brand. Your domain shouldn’t infringe on someone’s trademark because you could be sued. If people confuse your name with another similar brand then you may end up missing out on traffic. This is because they may type in the wrong domain name and get redirected elsewhere.


Make It Simple and Memorable

Some of the best domain names are simple and easy to remember. A few examples of these are HubSpot, Pinterest, Spotify, Twitter, Yahoo, Google etc. These sites not only have memorable names but they also happen to be the product’s brand name.

You can create memorable names by combining two names together. HubSpot and Facebook have done that to good effect. Picking a short name that is hard to forget can help your brand to become memorable to your buyers. Memorable names can also help your rankings in Google.

Don’t be tempted to shorten a name by using abbreviations that don’t flow. Some abbreviations are more difficult to remember than the longer versions. For example, the name “PlantScience.com” is easier to remember than “PlantSci.com” even though the latter is a shorter name.


Make It Pronounceable

While people who are searching for you may never have to pronounce your domain name, your domain name should still be easy to pronounce. Names that are easy to pronounce result in a favorable association in the reader’s mind. The reason for this is because people have trouble remembering names that are difficult to pronounce.

People don’t want to have to think too hard, they just want instant results. If people can’t pronounce your domain name, they won’t be able to spell it. Misspelled names lead to searcher frustration. As a result people will quickly give up on your site and go elsewhere. Individuals will then not bother with your site and go to one that is easier for them to remember.


Make It Brandable

Google loves brands! Google favors blogs and websites that have a good brand name such as Amazon, Moz, Uber, Facebook, etc. Picking a domain that is the same as your brand makes it easier for people to know what your site is about. It will also make it easier for people to find you if they are searching for your brand.

Many people use the keywords that customers use when searching for products within their domain name. The disadvantages of this is a domain name that is too long, or one that doesn’t sound professional. So, tread carefully when using keywords within your domain name.

Make a list of at least five potential domain names that you are happy with and that meet the above criteria. You need at least five names, because when you go to purchase your domain name, you will probably find that someone else has beaten you to it. This can be very frustrating and is another reason why you should choose a unique name for your domain.



Where to Find Domain Names and Host Providers

Now that you have your list of domain names ready, you need to buy your domain name and register your URL. Some of the top sites that sell domain names include BlueHost, iPage, HostGator, GoDaddy, Namecheap, Web.com. Depending on the name, a domain name can cost about $7 – $15 per year. Make sure that your web host provider uses WordPress.

If you don’t want to pay for a domain you can still set up a website and get a free domain name from a web hosting provider. BlueHost, Hostinger, inMotion, and GoDaddy all are popular web hosting companies that will provide a free domain. However, you will have to buy your web hosting from them and renewals can be expensive.

You can also get a free domain for some extensions such as tk, .ml, cf, .cc etc. But I don’t recommend these as they can cost you much more later on and you don’t get rights to the domain name. The web host owners may also delete your domain and all of your content. This is usually done without your knowledge, so it is best to stay away from these extensions.

Some host providers offer free sub-domains such as Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress. There are a few downsides to using sub-domains including:

  • You don’t get your own domain name or posts
  • Websites can’t be fully monetize your
  • Your host could post ads on your blog
  • Host can delete your website and your content without warning
  • Access to WordPress’ free themes and plugins is restricted

On the other hand, if you buy your own domain name you will have access to WordPress’ free themes and plugins. You will also have an unlimited bandwidth for images, and videos. But more than this, you will be able to fully monetize your website with Google AdSense as well as other similar products.


My Wealthy Affiliate

I prefer to get my domains as well as my hosting from SiteRubix which is powered by Wealthy Affiliate! I choose Wealthy Affiliate because for just $49 per month you will get 25 FREE sub-domains and 25 paid domains. Included in the bundle is hosting, security, integrated tools for website analysis, management, as well as ranking tools.

The value you get is phenomenal. Just hosting alone for 25 websites with a different provider will cost much more than that per month! Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress which is fast, easy to use and has many free features, plugins, and themes.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can start off with a free sub-domain and then change it over to your own domain later on if you wish. Wealthy Affiliate commenced in 2005, to date they have over 1.4 million members.  To my knowledge, they have NEVER deleted anyone’s free sub-domain.


Try it out for yourself and create your own FREE website complete with free hosting in the box below!


Included in your $49 monthly Premium Membership fee, you get a wealth of step-by-step training. If you want to know what is the best way to make money online for beginners, you can’t go past the training at Wealthy Affiliate. The extensive easy to follow training covers all matters to do with websites, SEO, and affiliate marketing practices. You are taught how to create keyword-rich content that ranks in Google. Your website will then get hordes of traffic as well as being indexed quickly in Google.

Further to this, Wealthy Affiliate has the most helpful community of members that you will find online. If you require any help at all, at any time of the day or night, you have access to numerous people who have the expertise to answer any questions you may have.


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Install WordPress On Your Website



Once you have chosen your host provider, install WordPress on your site. WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems available. It is user friendly and can easily and quickly be customized to suit your needs. Most web hosts will allow you to install word press with a few clicks of a button. However, if you need to manually install WordPress on your website, watch the video below to learn how.



Once you have WordPress installed on your computer, choose a theme that goes with your niche. For example, if your niche is about sportswear, the theme you choose should reflect this. You can now start writing up your brilliant content.


WOW! We have covered a lot of ground so far. But there is one more thing that a blogger needs to know, and that is how to choose a niche.



How to Choose a Niche

In order to make money online, you need to start blogging. But before you can blog you need to choose a niche. A niche is an audience that you will be writing your content for. Choose a topic that you are interested in or one that you are passionate about. This is because you will be writing up a great deal of content on whatever niche you choose. For example, if you want to blog about weight loss then your niche audience are people who want to lose weight.

Weight loss is a very competitive niche, so if you want to address these issues, you need to find a smaller niche audience within this niche that isn’t so competitive.You do this by finding the needs, wants or problems of your niche audience that are not being addressed by other competitors in the market.

This is achieved by using a keyword search tool such as Jaaxy. When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will have access to Jaaxy included in your membership. Jaaxy is the only keyword research platform that is developed for affiliate marketers! Use Jaaxy to find low competition keywords that people within your niche use when they are searching on the internet. The best niches are the ones that are not overly popular, but still receive a good volume of traffic.

When you use Jaaxy you will discover that finding the right keywords for your niche audience is quick and easy. If you want to know more about finding keywords read my post titled “How To Find The Best Keywords For A Website”



Seven Factors of a Successful Niche

  • Find low competition markets
  • Choose a year-round niche
  • Become an Affiliate Marketer
  • Have appealing products
  • Provide deliverable items
  • Choose quality products and services
  • Choose easy to use or affordable products & services


1. Find Low Competition Markets

Find low competition markets such as tall men's jeans

Find low competition markets such as tall men’s jeans.

The best way to make money online for beginners is to find a good niche. A good niche has a good search volume and also has low completion from your competitors. Niches that have a large market (for example the jeans market), are great if you are a big player. However, if you are a beginner you will need to drill down within your niche to find something that people want to buy, but has low competition.

For example, instead of having a niche for men’s jeans, narrow down your market. Choose a market segment that has less competition. A good example of a less competitive market niche could be one which targets tall men. There will be plenty of very tall men who are looking for a variety of jean styles that will suit their needs.

Another method of finding a successful niche is to pick a market niche that addresses a need, want, desire or a problem that you yourself might have. You will find that there are many other people who have the same issues as you. These people are searching for products or services to purchase that address these matters.

The way that you determine the amount of traffic and the level of competition is by using a keyword search tool such as Jaaxy. Try it out for free in the box below.


2. Choose A Year-Round Niche

The best market niches are those that have a year-round market rather than those that are seasonal. the majority of retailers make most of their revenue during various holiday seasons such as at Christmas. But a good niche should have a year round market.

For example, if your niche is Christmas decorations or Halloween costumes, then you will miss out on selling opportunities during the majority of the year. Instead of seasonal commodities, find a product or service that you can promote all year round so you can maximize revenue. Then put a spin on your marketing for the various holiday seasons.


3. Become an Affiliate Marketer

The best way to make money online for beginners is to join up with affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon, eBay, etc. and become an affiliate marketer. You then review their products or services that address your audience’s requirements.

There are a great many affiliate marketing groups on the internet. Join those that provide the products or services that you want to blog about and that your niche audiences want.

Once you join, you promote your affiliate’s products on your blog. The products that you promote have a link back to your affiliates website. When one of your readers clicks on your affiliate marketer’s link and then purchases a product, you get paid a commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online because you don’t need to have any physical products or stocks. You don’t need to mail out items or provide refunds. You just review the products or services, provide an affiliate link in your blog and your affiliate takes care of all the rest.


4. Have Appealing Products

On the other hand, if you want to sell your own products or services, make sure that they are presented in a professional way. Products that are appealing, or are eye-catching will result in greater sales. If you can afford to pay someone, outsource things such as web design or product development. This will ensure that you have a professional looking product.

To be successful, your product or service needs to give your customers something that is new, unique or useful to them. This will give you an edge in your niche. If your potential consumers can understand the purpose of your products or services and how they are applicable to them, then they will convert into buyers.


5. Provide Deliverable Items

Items that can easily and cheaply be delivered are preferable to ones that involve extensive packaging or are breakable. The best products of all are those that can be downloaded. as these can be accessed immediately. There are many advantages to downloadable products. These include immediate accessibility, no physical products to store, and no postage costs.

A great deliverable downloadable item would be an e-book. You can write e-books on all sorts of topics; the list is endless! Other downloadable items include online courses, apps, plug-ins, music, photos, etc.


6. Quality Products and Services

Regardless of the product or service, you decide to provide, make sure that it is a top-quality item. Otherwise, you will get a high number of requests for a refund. This is NOT what you want! Unsatisfied customers are more likely to leave bad reviews than satisfied customers who leave positive reviews.


7. Easy to Use or Affordable Products & Services

Your products or services should be easy to use, or they should be affordable. If you are promoting your own products or services, then you need to research the correct price point. You shouldn’t overprice or under-price your products or services.

Overpricing will put people off. Under-pricing on the other hand, will give the impression that your items are of a poorer quality than other similar products or services. Once you have chosen a price point try to stick to it. Swapping around your prices too often may upset your past buyers.


Now that you have set up your website and chosen your niche; you need to focus!


Focus Is The Key To Success

Focus is key to success

In order to succeed at anything, you need to focus your mind, time and energy on it. All successful people do this from sports people to entrepreneurs, from scientists to millionaires.

Without focus, these people would not be at the top of their game. Beginner bloggers need to know that focus is the key to success! How do you know what to focus on? Focus your mind on the needs, wants, desires or problems of your niche group.


[bctt tweet=”Successful bloggers concentrate on the demographics of their niche and what their audience wants.” ]


In your blog write about the issues that your niche audience want resolved. If you provide your own products or services explain how these can resolve your audience’s issues or pain points. It’s no good writing content that no-one wants to read! To make money online, your content should address your audience needs, wants, desires, or any problems that they may have.

You can write about anything you choose, but your content should be original and of interest to your niche audience. Interesting topics increase the traffic to your site and build up a following. Once you build up a following you can then review or sell products and service that meet the needs of your niche audience. Your products or services should solve a problem or meet a need. Or they should be better value than alternative products on the market.


Learn from Your Mistakes!

Everyone that goes into business for themselves WILL make mistakes. So, don’t be hard on yourself when you make a mistake. And don’t give up on yourself either.

Instead, LEARN from your mistakes so that you don’t make the same mistake again. Eventually, you will make less and fewer mistakes and get some wins.



The easiest way to reduce the number of mistakes that you make is to get the best training possible! If you want to know all there is to know about affiliate marketing and really earn money online then join Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a university for people who want to learn about making money online. It is the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training platform in the world!

Another form of learning, is to read and learn from other entrepreneurs.  Many successful business people, including your competitors, will give interviews. In their interview they sometimes reveal what they did right and what mistakes they made when they started out.

Learn what techniques were successful for them and use them to your own advantage! Find out what mistakes they made and don’t make the same mistakes yourself. Doing this will put you ahead of the game.

Finally, don’t give up! Starting any business whether it is a brick and mortar business, or as a blogger, takes hard work and perseverance. It can take up to 2 years to start to see results. But if you are patient your persistence will pay off!


Follow the tips discussed above and you will be well on your way to developing a successful money-making blog!




How do you make money by blogging?

What issues have you come across when starting your online business?

Please leave your comments and questions at the end of this post?


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  1. While I have taught myself most of these topics you’ve mentioned, I actually didn’t know that Google prefers the creation of a potential brand name. It makes sense though. As the website grows, a brandable name is easier to remember for the readers. I also appreciate you mentioning the benefit of picking a year-round niche. While holiday niches might be profitable, they aren’t ideal for consistent and constant affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing these tips with us!

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes branding makes sense in the longer term as your customers will be able to find your site quickly by using your brand name.

      With regards to holiday niches, which these are great in the short term, your bread and butter earnings will come from year-round niches. The best niches are those that are evergreen but could be up-scaled during the holidays.


  2. Thank you for sharing with us ¨Start a Money Making Blog: Beginners Guide¨ You provided us with an excellent blueprint and suggestions to become a successful blogger.What I would like is your opinion on paid advertising. Paying for clicks and traffic on social media or in the search engines I feel can be a great option to market your blog. With paid methods, you have the opportunity to pay for traffic and clicks right away. And if you do well in targeting your audience on the right channels you can easily build your audience with advertising to supplement your organic efforts.I was thinking of: (a) Facebook. Depending on your niche you can expect to pay about $1 per click to your blog, but there are many variables that can influence how much you will pay- the main focus of this ad campaign is to get people to your blog; (b) Twitter .It has a variety of ad options like Facebook and other social networks. The best one for your blog marketing efforts is the Promoted Tweets Option; (c) Reddit. Ads appear on the top of the various pages. When people choose to select an ad they usually know it; and (d) LinkdIn. It has traditionally online advertising  that appears in the side bars, but the Sponsored Updates options is much more advantageous for content producers.

    • Hi and thank you for your comments. Unfortunately I don’t agree with you in regards to paid advertising for a beginner.

      While advertising is a great way to get your website in front of more people, it also can be overwhelming and detrimental to a beginner who is not yet familiar with how everything works.

      See my post 7 Things I Wish I Knew About Affiliate Marketing which explains this in more detail.

      Regards Suzie

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