Secrets On How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Do you want to know the secret on how to increase traffic to your website? Unlock your website’s full earning potential and earn money online.

The secret on how to increase traffic to your website is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. By employing SEO tactics, you can greatly increase organic traffic to your website! Organic traffic to your website is highly desirable because you don’t pay for it!

You’ve already put in a huge effort into setting up your website so why not take it to the next level! This post mentions many free plugins, tools and articles that you can use to improve your SEO. Interested? Then read on…

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website!

Use SEO To Increase Traffic To Your Website

You’ve finally set up your website and written a few articles. Now you can sit back and reap the benefits of your hard word, right? Well not quite. If you don’t employ SEO or Search Engine Optimization tactics then the level of traffic to your website will be low.

The secret on how to increase traffic to your website is to simply use SEO tactics. What is SEO and how can you use it to attract more traffic? SEO is the process that makes it easy for search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, to find your website.

When you use SEO tactics you design your content to make it attractive to both search engines and users alike. Use SEO tactics and increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through search engine results.

Know Your Niche Target Audience

Knowing your niche target audience is one of the secrets on how to increase traffic to your website! If you don’t know who your audience is, and what they’re searching for, your website won’t attract any visitors.

To unlock your website’s full earning potential, your website should cater to your niche target audience. Your niche target audience are the people that you want to attract. They consist of the typical kind of people who would buy your products, or sign up for your newsletter.

If you are aware of who your audience is, then you’ll also know what their searcher intent is. Knowing what your audience are searching for will help you to provide them with the type of content that they want.

Use The Same Keywords Your Audience Use

When you know what your audience is searching for, you can use this information to your advantage. You do this by using the exact focus keywords that they’d use in a search engine’s search bar when searching the internet.

Using the same keywords and phrases that your audience use, helps you to optimize your website for SEO. This is because using the exact keywords makes it easy for both your audience and search engines to find your content.

Keywords help search engines to understand what your article is about. To increase SEO and increase traffic to your website, use your focus keywords within your headline or meta tag. Use the same focus keywords in your meta description, introduction, sub-headlines and within the body of your article.

Roughly 1-2% of your text should contain your focus keywords or phrase. This percentage allows your keywords to appear enough times to help search engines understand your content without keyword stuffing. Avoid keyword stuffing as it’s unpleasant to read and puts off readers. You’ll also be penalized by search engines with a poor ranking.

Not all keywords are created equal! The best keywords are the ones that get a high volume of search traffic but have little competition. To find the best keywords use a keyword research tool such as Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool that will help you find the countless focus keywords for every article that you write.

Good Headlines Increase Traffic To Your Website

The internet contains trillions of articles! One of the secrets on how to increase traffic to your website is to grab your audience’s attention. You do this by writing interesting and provoking headlines.

Headlines are like an advertisement for your content. If your headline doesn’t stop your audience in their tracks, they won’t read your article! To further provoke a reaction and captivate the attention of your audience, use power words. Power words will help your article standout from the crowd and help increase traffic to your website.

Headlines assist both your readers and search engines to know what your content is about. It therefore makes sense to use your focus keywords within your headline.

To see how your headlines rate use The #1 Free Headline Analyzer”. This free tool can help you to improve your headlines to attract traffic.

Use Power words to write outstanding content that your audience simply can’t resist!

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Use Focus Keywords In Your Introduction

Keywords Increase Traffic To Your Website

Once your readers have found your article you need to keep them there. Hook them in by writing an interesting and appealing introduction. This will pike their interest to keep reading.

Your introduction should also contain your main keywords. Using your keywords in your introduction helps both your readers and search engines to know what your content is about. If your audience believes that your article will benefit them, then they’ll keep reading. And the longer your readers stay on your page, the better your rankings will be in search engines.

Increase Traffic To Your Website By Adding Value

Another secret on how to increase traffic to your website is by creating high quality, original content that adds value to your audiences’ lives. Your target audience has specific problems, desires and wants that they hope to satisfy within your niche target area.

They then search the internet for quality content that addresses their concerns and adds value to their lives. Your audience don’t want to read the same thing over and over. They want facts, details, stats, and information that is relevant to them.

By providing your audience with content that they value, you keep them on your website for a longer period of time. Your readers are then more likely to leave a comment, interact via a call to action, or purchase an item.

Audience participation on your page or post, indicates to search engines that your content adds value. Search engines will then reward you by increasing the search rank of your content. Providing quality content increases your ability make money online!

Provide Detailed Content

The quality of your content is what keeps readers on your page or post. The longer they stay on your website, the lower your bounce rate. A high bounce rate indicates to search engines that your content isn’t useful to readers. This in turn will result in a low search engine ranking. The best way to reduce reader bounce rate is by creating original content that your readers want to read.

According to Neil Patel lengthy posts that go into some depth are the way to go. Neil is an expert marketer and a top 100 entrepreneur so he knows what he is talking about. In his post “Why 3000+ Word Blog Posts Get More Traffic”, he states, “You have to create long-form content, meaning 2000+ words high-quality blog posts”.

Neil believes that posts or pages that consist of 2000 or more words provide the reader with more detailed information. He believes that long-form content helps you to establish your expertise within your niche area. Neal is certain that detailed content helps increase the reader’s time on your page and this improves your SEO.

Easy Reading Format

Another valuable tactic that will help you to reduce bounce rate is to choose font type and size that are easy to read. Many people use their mobiles to search the web, so ensure that your articles are easy to read on all platforms.

The easiest to read type is black type on a white background. Using colored text may be difficult for some people to read. That will mean that they will quickly bounce out of your page. Articles that can’t retain readers will be penalized by search engines and your ranking will fall.

Limit the number of colors that you use in your content. Use large easy to read fonts. Highlight points by using bold text, underline, colored text, bullets, numbering, and italics.

A table of contents also helps the reader to determine if your article is of interest to them. All these features enrich readers experience. They don’t only make your content easy to read, but they also make it easy to scan.

Use Short Paragraphs and Short Sentences

The internet is loaded with articles that are similar to the ones you write. To hold your readers’ interest, make sure that your articles are easy to read and scan. You can achieve this by using short sentences and paragraphs.

Short sentences contain between 15-20 words. They make it easier for a person to scan your blog. Long paragraphs should be avoided as they are difficult to read and put readers off.

Paragraphs shouldn’t contain more than 5-6 sentences. Mix your paragraphs up with a combination of long and short sentences. Ensure that there is enough white space between each paragraph.

If you want to further improve the SEO of your website, break up your content with into short subsections. Each subsection shouldn’t contain more than 300 words. Each subsection should have a heading using h2 – h4 header tags. Some of your sub-headlines should contain your targeted keywords as this helps to increase search engine optimization.

Another secret on how to increase traffic to your website is through internal links and backlinks. Internal links is where you connect the content of your article to other articles that you have created. You do this by creating hyperlinks via text or images.

Hyperlinks allow you to give your most important pages or posts more link value. They also provide the reader with the ability to read more information about a topic if they so require. This helps reduce bounce rate as it keeps your readers on your website.

Backlinks on the other hand, are links that point to related content in a separate domain. This can be to and from other domains that you own. They can also be to and from websites that other people own, or to a quoted website.

Backlinks can be from your website to your purchase page. Use backlinks to direct your readers to an affiliate program, such as Amazon, ClickBank, etc. Outbound links should always open up in a new window tab.

Add Images, Graphs, And Videos

What do you prefer to look at words or images? I bet you prefer images; I know that I do! If you want people to read your content, you need to make it interesting. Adding related images, graphs, infographics, GIFs and videos to your content makes your content more appealing.

Images can evoke or enhance an emotional experience and can quickly communicate a complex idea. As an added bonus, a visitor will retain the information from images for a longer period of time. Add related images, and videos, to keep your readers on your page or post and reduce bounce out time.

Increase your SEO by inserting your focus keywords in the image file name title and into the “Image Alt Attributes” tag. Filling out the image alt tag also helps visually impaired people to know what your images are about.

Page Load Speeds

One problem with having lots of images is that images can increase page loading speeds. Slow website load speeds, can negatively affect your SEO. A faster website is better for user experience. It boosts engagement as users are more inclined to visit more pages.

Optimize your images by reducing image file sizes with a free plugin such as Smush. Smush will process PNGs, JPEGS and GIFs to help your page to load quickly.

Social Media Tags Increase Traffic To Your Website

Social Media Tags Increase Traffic To Your Website

Sharing your posts with others is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website. The more you share, the more chance that people will see your content. Let your friends and social media followers know that you have a new post, or page to share with them.

Add social media tags such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to your website. These will enable your visitors to share your posts, pages and images with their followers. Another way to share your content is to include a Click to Tweet box.

Install and activate the “Better Click To Tweet” plugin on your WordPress website. If your content resonates with your readers, they can instantly retweet it to their followers.

The reason that you want to increase the amount of traffic to your website is in order to get something back from your audience. This could be for them to subscribe to your newsletter, purchase a product, or download a free article. To achieve this, every page or post on your website should have a CTA or Call To Action link.

Your CTA can be in the form of a link, button, checkout, banner, or popup. If your content doesn’t have any CTAs, then your audience will leave your site and go elsewhere without any benefit to you.

Effective CTAs contain action-oriented verbs and should stand out from your page. The most influential CTA’s contain power words. Use persuasive power words to motivate visitors to take the action that you want them to take.

Proof Read Content

Before you hit the publish button preview your finished content. If there are any problems, errors or omissions fix them. Check your content for:

  • Spelling and grammar, use a free tool such as Grammarly
  • Relevant keywords
  • Sentence length, 15-20 words
  • Paragraph length, 5-6 sentences or less
  • Sub-section length, 300 words or less
  • Font color and style consistency
  • Font sizing of headlines and sub-headlines
  • Incorrect placement of images
  • Internal and backlinks
  • Lack of white space
  • CTA buttons
  • Highlight text with bullets, numbers, bold text, italics, underline, and colored text.

Your content should present well on all viewing platforms. If possible, preview your content on your mobile to see if it’s easy to read.

Summary: Secrets On How To Increase Traffic Your Website

The above are a list of valuable SEO tactics to increase traffic your website. These tactics will help you to enhance your visitor’s experience. To ensure that your website is at the top of your game, check off each tip before you publish.

Your content will be more relevant to your audience and more user-friendly. This will increase your search engine optimization and elevate your content to the next level.

Search engines will reward you with higher rankings. This in turn will increase organic traffic to your website so that you can optimize your websites full potential. How good is that!

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